Thoughts about Fronter’s free training days

This Autumn, Fronter has been offering training days (in our Strand office) completely free of charge. This is a completely new initiative for us and we think it is about time we stepped back to take stock.

Some facts:
To date 78 teachers have been trained on 7 separate free training courses this term; topics have included Basic Admin, KS1 and KS2 Computing, New to Fronter and Webfronter.

Some comments:
This is just a tiny sample of comments teachers have made about their free training:

‘The course was excellent and I thought Mark’s delivery was first rate.’  (DS, secondary teacher)

‘Excellent delivery, great pace and tailored to the varying needs of the delegates.’  (CL, secondary teacher)

‘I felt the course was very well delivered. The content was detailed and delivered in a good manner at good pace.’ (MN, primary teacher)

There were many positive comments in this vein, but these give a good representation of how well the courses have been received. Thanks to all the teachers who took the time to leave positive, constructive and informative comments. It makes us all very happy. 🙂

Sharing ideas:
Teachers have also been keen to share other ideas with us about how they plan to use the new skills and knowledge picked up on free training days once they are back in school. One primary colleague said she felt confident and ambitious enough after her training day to ‘…plan to set up Fronter for our school and begin to create pages to use with my class. I will do an Inset to explain to staff and TAs.  Also training for parents so it can be used at home.’

A secondary colleague explained he is going to take a tool by tool based approach: ‘We will be using the vote tool.  (We had) some very constructive feedback on how to improve the accessibility of out topic pages, and this will be put in place across the school.  We were shown the free rooms to import from Fronter Support, which we will definitely be importing.  Very useful to be shown the white listed rooms which we will be using content from.

The venue:
80 Strand is the HQ of Pearson in the UK and this is where Fronter holds its central London training days. Even we have to admit the view is pretty spectacular! Steve Henderson one of our expert trainers, took this photo from 80 Strand during a training day just as some proper wet and stormy autumn weather was brewing.

Strand training venue

Steve tweets regularly from his training travels – follow him on Twitter to see some more of his training venue pics.

We like to get into conversation with teachers who come along to our training. Recently, Mark Ashton one of our trainers (and Webfronter ninja!) was asked, ‘As for Fronter itself, I would love a really nice SCORM integration that would allow teachers to create/import SCORM content like quizzes that would then add to a markbook.’ Helpfully, he was able to give some info about work we are doing on a new guide to SCORM in Fronter and how easy (ie -automatic) it is for SCORM course results to appear the Fronter portfolio.

Another teacher suggested to us that although he had really enjoyed the free training day, he would benefit from some ‘refresher training sessions’ in a little while, to keep his knowledge fresh, active and more ready to take on new ideas. Well, we’re happy to oblige and will be offering a ‘Refresher Fronter Day’ in the Spring term, 2015. Keep an eye on  our website which is updated regularly as new training dates and topics are added.

For more general info about Fronter please visit our website, ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. If you have further questions regarding training courses, please email us via


How can I teach my students to stay safe online?

By using Fronter you are already helping learners to stay safe online within in a secure environment – which is a great start!

But did you know that we have:

– A ‘Ready-to’Go’ room called ‘eSafety‘ which contains helpful videos, interactive quizzes and links to useful websites such as ‘thinkuknow‘ that help learners understand how to stay safe online
– An ‘Online Safety & Security’ webinar specifically for Primary schools

Once downloaded you can customise your eSafety room to include links or resources that you feel may be of benefit to your learners.

Let’s not forget, there’s a Safer Internet day that takes place every year, where you can learn more about keeping your learners safe online. Visit for more details.


How do I create a Fronter room for an event?

With so many great sporting events taking place in 2014, why not create a room, or series of rooms, to help learners get involved in some way.

Here are just some of the events you could try creating rooms for:

– Sochi Winter Olympics (7 – 23rd Feb)
– Sochi Winter Paralympics (7 – 16 Mar)
– World Cup (12 Jun – 13 Jul)
– Commonwealth Games, Glasgow (23 Jul – 3 Aug)

We have a library of free ‘Ready-to-Go’ rooms that have been created for previous events such as Summer Games, which may give you some ideas on things you can include. We ran a competition for schools and learners to create their own rooms around this subject, you can view this on our website.

If you need help in creating your own room, we have a ‘Basic Room Management’ webinar or for those users who have mastered the basics we are also running an ‘Advanced Room Management’ webinar.

Summer Games

I need help preparing for Ofsted

By using Fronter regularly, much of the information Ofsted inspectors will need to assess your school is already n one place.

To help we are running a ‘Preparing for Ofsted’ webinar which covers:

– A number of good practice examples of how Fronter and Webfronter can support an Ofsted visit
– How to set up and manage an Ofsted Fronter Room
– How to manage staff and inspector access of Fronter during the visit

If you would like more detail on how to create your own Ofsted room, why not join our ‘Basic Room Management’ webinar where you can get a better understanding of how Fronter rooms work.

Preparing for Ofsted

How can I use Fronter for assessment?

The following Fronter tools can be used together to provide that all important learner assessment information:

– ILP & Goal tool
– Hand-in tool
– Test tool
– Portfolio tool

The ILP* & Goal tool is used to set individual learning goals, you can then set the learner homework which they submit using the ‘hand-in’ tool and tests in class can be managed using the ‘test tool’. The results from both the ‘hand-in’ and the ‘test tool’ are automatically collated in the ‘Portfolio tool’ which contains a results matrix that can be used as a virtual mark book.

We are running an ‘Assessment with Fronter’ webinar where you can learn more about how Fronter handles assessment in more detail. We also have an ‘Introduction to the ILP and Goal Tool’ webinar and a ‘Using the ILP & Goal Tool’ training course which cover how to set up learning goals in Fronter.

*Individual Learning Plan (ILP)


I’d like to learn more about rooms in Fronter

Think of your school – it’s in a building, with rooms for classes, shelves for resources i.e. books and pupil registers for your learners. Fronter is structured in much the same way, but online.

Fronter is your virtual school building. You create ‘rooms’ for teaching subjects, general school information to be shared with colleagues and much more. To those rooms you add the learners for each specific subject such as ‘School Information’.

To help you get started we have created a bank of ‘Ready-to-Go’ rooms which are loaded with quizzes, forums, videos, games and much more.

If you would like to know more about how to create your own rooms join our ‘Basic Room Management’ webinar.


How Fronter can help children to communicate openly about religion?

Fronter has a number of built-in tools to help engage learners and encourage them to have a voice.

Have you thought about using the forum tool? Forums allow learners to comment without the pressure of speaking up in class. If you don’t have a forum why not create a room and add it, or download one of our free ‘Ready-to-Go’ rooms. Not made a room before? Why not attend the ‘Basic Room Management’ webinar.

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