Our Assignment Tool

The improved assignment tool has improved tremendously thanks to the feedback from its inception as the ‘hand-in beta’. Whilst in continuous development, it has now reached a point where utilising this tool gives significant benefits over the old hand-in tool.

• A fresher and more intuitive interface for both the teacher and the pupil, plus considerable improvements in workflow, makes this tool now more than worthy of consideration

• It is now possible to set group assignments, link to an assignment from a page and for pupils, receive notifications of assignments set and evaluated from the new notification tool in the Fronter top frame


• Assessing and releasing assessment evaluations to groups of pupils is now simple, as is adding audio as a form of submission or feedback

• The optional plus pack – Ephorus anti-Plagiarism gives fast and built in teacher feedback on pupil submissions

• The inline editor feature with annotations is direct and so activex controls for Windows or webdav for MAC are no longer required to produce an annotated feedback file

plagairism• Room goals can easily be associated with any assignment so that pupils can measure expectations. For teachers, assignment evaluations provide evidence for goal level assessment


• An optional simple view for pupils just lays things out for them in a simple and direct format


With this and more, why not test it for yourself.

Find out more on our website. Keep up to date with changes and improvements within the Recent Changes menu on our support site.


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