How do I create a Fronter room for an event?

With so many great sporting events taking place in 2014, why not create a room, or series of rooms, to help learners get involved in some way.

Here are just some of the events you could try creating rooms for:

– Sochi Winter Olympics (7 – 23rd Feb)
– Sochi Winter Paralympics (7 – 16 Mar)
– World Cup (12 Jun – 13 Jul)
– Commonwealth Games, Glasgow (23 Jul – 3 Aug)

We have a library of free ‘Ready-to-Go’ rooms that have been created for previous events such as Summer Games, which may give you some ideas on things you can include. We ran a competition for schools and learners to create their own rooms around this subject, you can view this on our website.

If you need help in creating your own room, we have a ‘Basic Room Management’ webinar or for those users who have mastered the basics we are also running an ‘Advanced Room Management’ webinar.

Summer Games


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