How can I use Fronter for assessment?

The following Fronter tools can be used together to provide that all important learner assessment information:

– ILP & Goal tool
– Hand-in tool
– Test tool
– Portfolio tool

The ILP* & Goal tool is used to set individual learning goals, you can then set the learner homework which they submit using the ‘hand-in’ tool and tests in class can be managed using the ‘test tool’. The results from both the ‘hand-in’ and the ‘test tool’ are automatically collated in the ‘Portfolio tool’ which contains a results matrix that can be used as a virtual mark book.

We are running an ‘Assessment with Fronter’ webinar where you can learn more about how Fronter handles assessment in more detail. We also have an ‘Introduction to the ILP and Goal Tool’ webinar and a ‘Using the ILP & Goal Tool’ training course which cover how to set up learning goals in Fronter.

*Individual Learning Plan (ILP)



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