How do I measure each child’s progress now there are no longer levels of progress to measure against?

Fronter has a number of methods of measuring and tracking learner attainment.

You can use the hand-in tool* to collect, correct, comment and grade work and the portfolio tool as an electronic work book that collates all the work and results over a period of time. The statistics in the portfolio tool give an overview of all activities, progress (results from tests and courses) and all hand-ins.

Fronter also has a goal tool for setting targets and an ILP tool (Individual Learning Plan) to specify areas for improvement and document progress.

To find out more about the ILP and Goal Tool you can attend our ‘Introduction to ILP & Goal Tool‘ webinar or the ‘Using the ILP & Goal Tool‘ face-to-face training course.

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*The hand-in folder enables teachers to upload assignments where students hand in their work individually or as a group. The work can then be corrected, commented upon and assigned a grade.

The teacher creating the hand–in has the ability to specify:

  • Timeframe
  • Hand-in reminders/notifications
  • Correction format
  • Links to learning goals
  • File hand-in type
  • Anonymous hand-in delivery

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