A shout out must go to….

We were very happy to receive a tip off recently about 3 teachers who have become Fronter Champions at their school in Eltham. The Fronter UK team would like to congratulate them on their hard work and enthusiasm!

David Morley, Phil Moody and Stephanie Parker are three members of staff at Newhaven PRU who have over the last year been key in encouraging and supporting their fellow staff members in achieving a management target set out for them for their use of Fronter with their classes in the year 2009-2010:

Managment Target:

Pupil attainment will improve as a result of my producing and trialling a unit of work (minimum six lessons) for at least one teaching group, on Fronter.

‘This is an exciting piece of work and three members of staff David Morley, Phil Moody and Stephanie Parker have shown great commitment and enthusiasm providing support and training for staff  outside school hours. Without their support staff would have been unable to achieve their target and the learning opportunities for pupils greatly reduced. This commitment should be commended and celebrated.’ Maggie Cummins (NEST, Newhaven Gardens)

The work that has taken place over the last year has provided a number of exciting results and projects within the different classes at Newhaven PRU.

To find out more about what is happening at Newhaven PRU you can read the full case study here.

Fronter UK National Conference 2010

For more great examples of how teachers and students are using Fronter, don’t forget to come along to the Fronter National Conference in York! – find out more here.


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